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A student formerly enrolled at Francis Marion University who has not been enrolled at Francis Marion University for three consecutive calendar years may be readmitted under the Academic Renewal Policy. The intent of this policy is to provide a renewed start for students who experienced academic difficulty during their initial enrollment at Francis Marion University.

All course work previously taken at Francis Marion University by a student readmitted under the Academic Renewal Policy will be treated as if it were transfer credit from another institution for purposes of granting credit toward graduation from Francis Marion University. The earlier courses, therefore, will not be included in computing the student's grade point average. Only those earlier courses in which a student earned a C or higher may be counted toward fulfillment of graduation requirements.

All courses and grades, including those taken while previously enrolled at Francis Marion University, will appear on the student's transcript. Other institutions are likely to include all grades and courses when calculating a student's grade point average for such purposes as transfer or admission to graduate and professional programs.

The Academic Renewal Policy is subject to the following stipulations:

1. A student may be readmitted under the Academic Renewal Policy one time only.

2. A student seeking readmission under the Academic Renewal Policy who has been enrolled at other institutions of higher education since leaving Francis Marion University must be in good academic standing at the institution most recently attended.

3. A student must seek academic renewal at the time of application for readmission. Once academic renewal has been granted, the action is irreversible.

4. A student readmitted under the Academic Renewal Policy will be governed by the rules and regulations (including major, minor, and general education requirements) in effect at Francis Marion University at the time of readmission.

5. Readmission under the Academic Renewal Policy does not guarantee acceptance into any program at Francis Marion University that requires a specific grade point average. Admission to those programs depends upon the policies of the particular academic schools or departments involved.

6. Students admitted under the Academic Renewal Policy are automatically placed on academic Probation 1.

7. A course completed, either successfully or unsuccessfully, at Francis Marion University prior to academic renewal may not be repeated at another institution for transfer credit to Francis Marion University.

8. Following readmission under the Academic Renewal Policy, a student must complete at least 36 semester hours at Francis Marion University to be eligible for graduation.

9. All courses taken at Francis Marion University, including those taken prior to academic renewal, will be counted when computing eligibility for graduation with academic honors.

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