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The University provides a balanced student life program which contributes significantly to the total educational experience of its students. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities designed to enhance their sense of community responsibility and their capacity for leadership. In addition to co-curricular activities, several University offices exist specifically to provide support and activities to increase student success levels.

Student Government, student organizations, and student publications, in particular, are not only a vital part of the operation of the institution but an important part of the total student educational experience. Students are advised to choose activities wisely and to balance academic activities with participation in service, spiritual, athletic, social, and recreational pursuits.

General administrative responsibility for the student life program rests with the Student Affairs division; however, the major initiative in developing organizations and activities appropriate to the educational purposes of the University, as well as in implementation of programs that have been planned, is a shared responsibility of students, faculty, and staff.

Student Handbook The Francis Marion University Student Handbook is designed to provide students, faculty, and staff valuable information regarding campus services, policies, and procedures that pertain to student life. Upon enrollment, Francis Marion University students agree to become aware of and abide by policies and procedures contained in the handbook. Because the handbook outlines "Student Rights and Responsibilities" in detail, it is important that students review it carefully. Additionally, pertinent information relating to student organizations, University offices and services, and campus events can be found in the handbook.

Handbooks are provided to residential students upon check-in to the Housing facilities. Copies are available for non-residential students at the information desk, Smith University Center (Room 205) or Office of Student Affairs.

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