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The Francis Marion University Catalog is not an irrevocable contract. Regulations published in it are subject to change by the University at any time without notice. University regulations are policy statements to guide students, faculty, and administrative officers in achieving the goals of the institution. Necessary interpretations of these policies will be made by the appropriate authorities with the interests of the students and the institution in mind. Students are encouraged to consult an adviser if they have questions about the application of any policy.

Each new edition of the catalog becomes effective at the opening of the fall semester following its publication. To receive a degree, an undergraduate student must complete satisfactorily all requirements described in the catalog in effect at the time of first enrollment as a degree student at the University or all requirements described in the catalog in effect at the time of graduation. Any student who changes from one major or minor to another must meet requirements of the new major or minor in effect at the time of the change. Any student who leaves the University or changes to another major or minor for a period of one calendar year or longer and then returns to the University or to the original major or minor will be required to meet requirements in effect at the time of return.

Exceptions to these policies may be necessitated by changes in course offerings or degree programs or by action of authorities higher than the University. In that event, every effort will be made to avoid penalizing the student.

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information, Francis Marion University reserves the right to change any provision listed in this catalog including, but not limited to, academic requirements for graduation without notice to individual students. However, every effort will be made to advise students of such changes and to minimize the inconvenience such changes might create for students.

Information regarding graduation requirements is available in the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for keeping themselves apprised of current graduation requirements for the degree programs in which they are enrolled.

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