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A student may repeat courses to improve his/her grade point average. The grade earned after the first enrollment of a course will replace the grade originally earned when calculating the student's grade point average, provided that the repeat grade is higher than the original grade. All grades earned after the first repetition of a course will be included in the calculation of grade point average. (It is recommended that courses for which a grade of D or F was earned be repeated.) A student may not repeat for credit a 100- or 200-level language course once he/she has received credit for another course at a higher level in the same language and may not repeat for credit the lower-level course of any subject in a hyphenated sequence once he/she has received credit for the higher-level course. Once a student has completed, either successfully or unsuccessfully, a course at Francis Marion University, he/she may not repeat at another institution that course for transfer credit to Francis Marion University. However, a student may be permitted to repeat for additional credit a course he/she took for credit ten or more years previously.

A student may not repeat an Honors course in order to raise his/her grade point average. In order to improve the grade point average, a student may repeat in a regular section a course that he/she took as an Honors section, but the new grade will carry no Honors credit.

When a student repeats a course, all grades appear on the transcript. Grades of CO and W are not used in the calculation of grade point average. These grades also are not counted in the repeat regulations.

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