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Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the regular session and who are registered for 12 or more semester hours for University credit (not audit credit) are classified as full-time. Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Regular Session but who are registered for fewer than 12 semester hours are classified as part-time. A graduate student enrolled for nine or more hours is considered to be a full-time student.

All undergraduate students are also classified as either special or regular. Special students are those who have completed a baccalaureate degree but are taking undergraduate courses. Regular students are candidates for baccalaureate degrees and are further classified as follows:

    Freshmen – Students who have earned fewer than 22 semester hours of credit

    Sophomores – Students who have earned at least 22 but fewer than 54 semester hours of credit

    Juniors – Students who have earned at least 54 but fewer than 87 semester hours of credit

    Seniors – Students who have earned 87 or more semester hours of credit

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