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Transcripts of students transferring from another institution are evaluated in the Registrar's Office, and the results are provided to the applicant. Determining the applicability of transferred credits to major requirements is the responsibility of the Registrar's Office.

Credit may be allowed for courses that are appropriate to the curriculum in which the student is admitted. Courses passed with a grade of D or its equivalent are not transferable and are not used in computing a student's grade point average except for specific courses taken in approved fourth-year cooperative programs. All transfer credit must have been completed at a regionally accredited institution. Transfer students are cautioned that a course, though acceptable by transfer, may not necessarily be applicable to a specific Francis Marion major, program, or degree. No more than 65 semester hours of credit may be accepted from institutions accredited as junior colleges or two-year institutions.

In order to complete requirements for an undergraduate degree, a transfer student must earn at least 36 semester hours of work in residence at Francis Marion University (including a minimum of three courses above 299 in the student's major).

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