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Administrative Officers

Luther F. Carter, Ph.D.

Richard N. Chapman, Ph.D.
Provost and Dean of the Francis Marion College of Liberal Arts

Gary W. Hanson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Administration

Joseph E. Heyward, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

John J. Kispert, M.S.
Vice President for Business Affairs

Administrative Staff

Lawrence Anderson, M.F.A.
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

Richard J. Austin, B.A.
Chief of Campus Police

Garry L. Ballard, B.A.
Executive Director of Communications Services

Jonathan E. Baltzell, M.A.
Director of Academic Computing Services

Robert T. Barrett, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the School of Business

Christal C. Bazen, B.B.A.
Director of Financial Services and Student Accounts

Frank A. Braddock
Director Facilities Services

Janet R. Braddock, B.G.S.,
Executive Assistant to the President

Darryl L. Bridges, M.A.E.
Assistant Vice President for Student Development

Julie J. Bush, M.Ed.
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

Fred R. Clayton Jr., Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Chemistry

Elizabeth I. Cooper, B.A.
Director of Community Relations

H. Paul Dove Jr., M.S. in L.S.
Dean of the Library

Kimberly M. Ellisor, M.B.A.
Director of Financial Assistance

James R. Faulkenberry, Ed.D.
Dean of the School of Education

Ronald P. Flowers, B.A.
Director of Purchasing

William P. Fox, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Mathematics

Murray G. Hartzler, M.A.
Director of Athletics and Head Men’s Soccer Coach

John R. Hester, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Psychology and Sociology

Sheron G. Jacobs
Director of Telecommunications, Payroll, and Inventory

Christopher D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy

Brinda A. Jones, B.A.
Assistant Vice President for Financial Services

Jesse J. Jordan, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research

Kenneth D. Kitts, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Director of Graduate Programs

Julia E. Krebs, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biology

Kevin J. Lasher, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Political Science and Geography

Rebecca L. Lawson, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling and Testing Center

Howard G. Lundy, Jr., M.Acct.
Administrative Manager/University Auditor

H. Jane Madden, Ed.D.
Director of Grants Development Program

H. Elizabeth McLean, M.A.

Robin M. Moore, B.S.
Director of Administrative Computing Services

Nyrita J. Myers, B.A.
Director of Housing and Residence Life

Larry E. Nelson, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of History

M. Barry O’Brien , Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Business

Jo G. Parrott, B.S.
Director of Accounting Services

R. Michael Parrott, B.S.
Director Facilities Engineering and Maintenance

David M. Peterson, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Eunice I. Rabon, B.A.
Director of Publications and Printing

Drucilla S. Russell, M.A.
Director of Admissions

Kelly A. Sellers, B.B.A.
Director of Alumni Affairs

Debra B. Skipper
Director of Patriot Bookstore

Cecilia U. Smith , M.S.N.
Nurse Practitioner

Donald W. Stewart
Chair, Department of Mass Communication

Barbara M. Thayer, M.S.
Director of Teaching Materials Center

Bradley W. Wofford, M.M.A.
Director of Media Center

Lisa M. Woodham, M.Ed.
Director of Career Development

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