Francis Marion University Catalog 2010-2011

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– A –

AA/AS Transfer Policy
Academic Advising
Academic Affairs
Academic Competitiveness Grant
Academic Dismissal
Academic Distinction, Recognizing
Academic Information
Academic Organizations
Academic Probation See Academic Standing
Academic Program Delivery
Academic Programs
Academic Progress, Satisfactory (for Financial Assistance Purposes)
Academic Renewal Policy
Academic Standing
Accounting Courses
Accounting Major
Address, Change of
Administration, Office of
Administration Building, J Howard Stokes
Administration, Graduate
Administrative Officers and Staff
Admission Appeals
Admission of
     Graduate Students
          International Students
          Senior Citizens
          Transient Students
     Undergraduate Students
          Adult Students (Degree Seeking)
          High School Students
          Home Schooled Students
          Honors Students
          Former FMU Students
          International Students
          Non-Degree Seeking Students
          Senior Citizens
          Transfer Students
          Transient Students
Admission to
     Graduate Programs
          Business Programs
          Education Programs
          Psychology Program
     Undergraduate Programs
          Art Education Program
          BSN Upper Division Degree Program
          Mass Communication, Department of
          Professional Education Program
          RN-BSN Degree Program
          Student Teaching
Adult Students, Undergraduate, Admission of
Advanced Placement Credit/Exams
     Administered by FMU
     College Board AP
     International Baccalaureate
Affirmative Action
Alcohol & Drug Policy
Allston, Allard A, Housing Office Complex
Alumni Affairs
Alumni Association
Amelia Wallace/BB&T Faculty/Alumni Cottage
Annual Fund (FMU)
     Forest Villas
Appeal Processes
     Financial Assistance
     Withdrawal Refund
Application for Admission
          General Studies, Bachelor of
Application for Degree
Application for Financial Assistance
Army National Guard Scholarship
Art Gallery Series
Art Education Program
Art History Courses
Artist and Lecture Series
Arts Program, Visual
     Swamp Fox Club
Attendance Policies, Class
Auditing Courses
Automobile, Registration of
– B – Return to top
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Business
     Administration Degree
Bachelor of General Studies Degree Program
Bachelor of Science Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
BB&T/Amelia Wallace Faculty/Alumni Cottage
Biology, Department of
Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries
Blackwell Award, William H
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Research Scholars
Bookstore, Patriot
BSN, RN- Degree Program
BSN, Upper Division Degree Program
Buckley Amendment, Policy For Compliance With
Business Affairs, Office of
Business, School of
Business Administration Degree Program
Business Degree Programs
Business Economics Program
Business Program, General
– C – Return to top
Cadets, Teacher
Calendar, University
     Projected 2-Year
Campus, Location and Facilities
Campus Police
Campus Recreation Services
Campus Tours
Cancellation of Courses
Career Development
Cars, Registration of
Catalog Policies
Cauthen Educational Media Center, John K
Change of Name or Address
Chemistry, Department of
Choral Program
Civil and Electronic Engineering Technology
Classification of Students , Undergraduate
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
Clinical/Counseling Option in Applied Psychology
Clubs See Student Organizations
Code of Student Conduct
College Entrance Board Advanced Placement
College of Liberal Arts
College/School/Dept Organization
Complaints, Guidelines for Student Concerns and
Computational Physics Concentration
Computer and Technology Services
Computer Science Program
Continued Enrollment, Requirements for
Cooperative Education
Cooperative Programs
Cormell Field, Clifford S
Correspondence Credit
Correspondence Directory Inside Front Cover
Cottage, BB&T Amelia Wallace Faculty/Alumni
Counseling and Testing, Office of
Course Listing sand Numbering
Course Load
Course Numbering System
Course Repetition
Credit Hours, Requirement See Semester Hour Requirement
Criminal Justice

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Dean's List
     Application for Undergraduate
     Application for Graduate
     Second Undergraduate
Degree Requirements, Graduate
Degrees Offered
Dental Curriculum, Pre-
Departmental Organization
Development, Office of
Determination Process, Students with Disabilities
Dining Hall, Ervin1
Dining Hall, Ervin2
Directory, Correspondence Inside Front Cover
Direct Loans (DL)
Disabilities, Services For Students With
Disciplinary Process, University Students Rights and Responsibilities
Discriminatory Personal Conduct
Dismissal, Academic
Distinction Scholarships
Distinguished Professors
Distinguished Service Award Recipients
Dormitories See Residence Halls
Double Major
Dropping Courses
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Dual Degree, Engineering
– E – Return to top
Early Childhood Education Undergraduate Program
Economics Program
Education, School of
Education Degree Programs
Electronic Engineering Technology Program
Elementary Education Program
Eligibility to Continue
Email for Students
Emergency Alerts
Emergency Numbers Inside Front Cover
Emeriti, Faculty
Employment Services, Student1
Employment Services, Student2
Engineering Programs
     Civil & Electronic
     Dual Degree
English, Modern Languages & Philosophy, Department of
English Placement Procedures
English Program
English Language Proficiency
Enhancement Scholarships
Enrollment Certification, Veterans
Enrollment Requirements for Financial Assistance Purposes
Environmental Science Option
     in Biology1
     in Biology2
     in Chemistry
     in Physics
Environmental Studies
Equal Opportunity
Ervin Dining Hall1
Ervin Dining Hall2
Ethical Standards(Graduate)
Evaluation of Course and Instructor
Evening Courses
Examinations, Final
Exchange Programs
Executive Council, Student
Experiential Learning Programs
– F – Return to top
Facilities, Campus
Facilities Management/Campus Police Building
     Service Award Recipients
Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
Federal Perkins Loan
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Federal Work Study Program
Fee Waiver for Senior Citizens
     Advanced Placement Tests
     Application for Admission
          Graduate Students
          Undergraduate Students
     Damage Deposit, Housing
     ID Card Replacement
     Information Technology
     Late Registration
     Meal Plan
     Student Activity
     Textbooks& Supplies
     Vehicle Registration
Fellows Scholarships
Film Series
Final Exams
Finance Courses
Financial Assistance
     Applying for
     Reinstatement of eligibility for
     Termination of eligibility for
     Veterans Benefits
Financial Certification for International Students
Financial Impact of Complete Withdrawal
Fine Arts, Department of
Fine Arts Center - Peter D Hyman
Fisheries Biology, Wildlife and
Food Service
Foreign Language Credit
Foreign Language Requirement
Foreign Student See International Student
Forest Resources
Forest Villas Apartment Complex
Former Students, Admission of
Foundation, FMU
Founders Hall
French Program
Freshman English
Full-time Status Classification
     Graduate See Course Load
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Galleries, Art
Gender Studies
General Business Administration Program , Undergraduate
General Education Requirements
General Education Requirements for Teacher Certification
      Also see General Education Requirements for each Teacher Certification Program
General Studies, Bachelor of
Geography Program
German Program
Government, Student
Grade Appeals Policy
Grade Changes
Grade Point Average
Grade Reports
Grading System
Graduate Administration
Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Council
Graduate Degrees
Graduate Faculty Information
Graduate Programs
     Application for Degree
Graduation Requirements, Changes in
Grants, Student
Greek Organizations
Grille, The
Guidelines for Student Concerns and Complaints
Gymnasium, Smith University Center
– H – Return to top
Handicapped, Services See Disabilities, Services For Students With
Harassment, Sexual
Health Administration and Policy Courses
Health Courses
Health Management Concentration in MBA Program
Health Physics Concentration
Health Services, Student
Hearing Impairment
High School Students, Admission of
History, Institutional
History, Dept of
Home-Schooled Students
Honorary Degree Recipients
Honor Graduates
Honor Societies
Honor Students
Honors, University
Honors Program
HOPE, SC Scholarships
Housing and Residence Life
Hyman, Peter D. Fine Arts Center
– I – Return to top
ID Card
     Replacement Fee
Immunization Requirements
Information, General University
Information Technology Fee
Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Academic Scholarships
Institutional Scholarships
Institutional Refund Distribution
Instructional Accommodation, M.Ed. in
Instrumental Music Ensembles
Insurance, Student
Intercollegiate Athletics
Interdisciplinary Programs
International Baccalaureate
International Students
     Admission of
     Financial Certification for1
     Financial Certification for2
     Financial Certification for3
International Studies
Intramurals See Campus Recreation Services
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Journalism See Mass Communication
Judicial Council, Student
– K – Return to top
Kassab Recital Hall, Adele
Kassab Courts, John
– L – Return to top
Language(Foreign) Requirement For BA Degree
Laundry Service
Law Curriculum, Pre-
Learning Disability/ADD/ADHD
Learning Disabilities
     M.A.T. Program in
     M.Ed . Program in
Leatherman Science Facility
Lecture Series, Artist and
Lee Nursing Building, Frank B.
Legal Resident
Liberal Arts, College of
Library, James A. Rogers
Licensure (Certification) Requirements, Professional Education Program
LIFE, SC Scholarships
Literature Courses
Loans, Student
– M – Return to top
Mail Services, Student
Majors, Undergraduate
Management Courses
Management Information Systems Courses
Map, Campus
Marketing Courses
Marshals, University
Mass Communication, Department of
Master of Arts in Teaching Degree Program
     Requirements for
Master of Business Administration
     Degree Program
          Requirements for
     Health Management Concentration
Master of Education Degree Program
     Requirements for
Master of Science in Applied Psychology Degree Program
     Requirements for
Math Resource Center
Mathematics, Department of
Mathematics Placement Procedures
McNair Science Building
McNair Scholarships, Robert E.
Meal Plans, Fees for
Media, Cauthen Educational1
Media Center, Cauthen Educational2
Medical Curriculum, Pre-
Medical Care See Health Services
Medical Technology Option
Medical Technology with McLeod Regional Medical Center School of Medical Technology, Arrangement in
Middle Level Education Program
Military Science: Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
Mission Statement
     Departmental/School/Program See Individual Majors/Programs
Model United Nations(UN)Experience
Modern Languages Program
     French Track
     German Track
     Spanish Track
Multicultural and International Student Affairs
Music Industry Program
– N – Return to top
Name, Change of
National SMART Grant
New Student Orientation
Newspaper, Student
Non-degree Seeking Students Admission of (Undergraduate)
Non-degree Status(Graduate)
     Education Program
     Psychology Program
Non-profit Management
Non-Work Study Student
Nurse, Student See Health Services, Student
Nursing, Department
     BSN Upper Division Program
     RN to BSN Track
     Lower Division Curriculum
     Building, Frank B. Lee Nursing
– O – Return to top
Off-Campus Courses
Office Services Building
Open Houses
Organizational Structure
Organizations, Student
Orientation, New Student
Out-of-State Student Fees
Outreach, University
Overload, Course
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Palmetto Fellows Scholarships
Part-time Status Classification, Undergraduate
Patriot, The
Patriot Scholarships
Payment Plan
Payment Schedule, Fee
Performing Arts Center, FMU
Personal Conduct, Discriminatory
Pharmacy Curriculum Pre-
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
Philosophy &Religious Studies Program
Physical Disabilities
Physical Education Courses
Physical Plant See Facilities Management
Physical Science Courses
Physics and Astronomy, Department of
Physics Program
Placement Examinations
Police Department
Political Science and Geography, Department of
Political Science Program
Pre-dental Curriculum
Pre-engineering Curriculum
Pre-law Curriculum
Pre-medical Curriculum
Pre-pharmacy Curricula
Pre-professional Programs
Pre-veterinary Curriculum
President's House
President's List
Presidents, Past
Privacy Act, Policy For Compliance With
Probation, Academic See Academic Standing
Professional Education Program
Programs, Academic
Programming Board, University
Progress, Satisfactory Academic for Financial Assistance Purposes
Psychology, Department of
Psychology Program
Publications, Student
Public and Community Affairs, Office of
Purpose – Mission Statement, Institutional
– R – Return to top
Readmission after Dismissal
Readmission of Former Students, Under Academic Renewal Policy
Records, Privacy of Student
Recreation Services, Campus
Register, Institutional Scholarships
Registration Fee
Registration Procedures
Regulations, Graduate
Regulations, Student
Religious Studies, Philosophy and
Repeating Courses
Requirement, Semester Hour, Undergraduate
Requirements, Undergraduate Admissions
Requirements, Enrollment for Financial Assistance
Requirements for Admission to the Professional Education Program
Requirements, General Education, Undergraduate
Requirements, Graduate Degree
Requirements, South Carolina Licensure
Research Scholars, Board of Trustees
Residence Halls1
Residence Halls2
Residence Life
Residence Requirements
Resident, Legal
Responsibility, Student
Rights & Responsibilities, Student
R.N.-B.S.N. Degree Program
ROTC, Military Science: Army Reserve Officers Training Corps
– S – Return to top
Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Assistance Purposes
     Institutional Academic Scholarships
     Register of Institutional Scholarships
     State Scholarships
School/Departmental Organization
School of Business
School of Education
School Psychology Option in Applied Psychology
Secondary Education
Semester Hour Requirement, Undergraduate
Semester System
Senate, Student
Senior Citizens
     Admission of
     Fee Waiver for
Sexual Harassment Policy
Smith University Center 1
Smith University Center 2
Snow Island Review
Social Security Number, Use of
Sociology, Department of
Spanish Program
Special Events
Special Interest Organizations
Special Studies
497 Course Listing Under Each School/Department
Specialist Degree in School Psychology
     Requirements for
Speech Communication
State Scholarships
Stokes Administration Building
Student Activity Fee
Student Affairs, Office of
Student Government Association (SGA)
Student Handbook
Student Health Services
Student Life
Student Organizations
Student Regulations
Student Responsibility1
Student Responsibility2
Student Rights & Responsibilities
Student Teaching, Admission to
Summer Session
Swamp Fox Club
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Table of Contents
Teacher Cadets
Teacher Certification Programs, Undergraduate
Teacher Licensure (Certification)
Teaching Materials Center
Technology, Civil and Electronic Engineering
Telephone Service for Students
Testing, Office of Counseling and
Theatre, University
Theatre Arts Program
Time Limit (Graduate Programs)
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Tours Campus
Traffic Regulations
Transfer Credit
Transfer Policy, AA/AS Degree
Transfer Students, Admission of,
Transfer, CHE Policies and Procedures
Transient Credit
Transient Students, Admission of
Trustees, Board of
Tutoring Center
– U – Return to top
Undergraduate Degrees
United Nations(UN)Experience, Model
University, Mission/History
University Center, Smith1
University Center, Smith2
University Life
University Marshals
University Outreach
University Programming Board
University Theatre
– V – Return to top
Vehicle Registration
Vending Service
     Admission of
Veterinary Curriculum, Pre-
Village, The 1
Village, The 2
Villas Apartment Complex, Forest 1
Villas Apartment Complex, Forest 2
Violations, University
Visual Arts Program
Visual Impairment
– W – Return to top
Washington Semester Program
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Withdrawal From University
     Financial Impact of Complete
Withdrawing From Course See Dropping Courses
Work Assistance Programs
Writing Center
Writing Courses